What Is hip replacement surgery? What are the benefits of hip replacement surgery?

What are the benefits of hip replacement surgery?
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Hip replacement refers to surgery in which a damaged hip bone is replaced with artificial bone (this is known as a prosthesis).

The hip is a particular part of the body. If there is any kind of problem with this, the patient has to face many difficulties in performing the activities of his daily life. There are many joints in the hip. When all joints work properly, the hip is healthy and functions well.

It is a common thing that as age increases, the human body becomes very weak and many problems start to occur in it. In these, many problems related to the hip like pain in the hip bone, of the hip bone. There is also an increased risk of fractures, damage to the hip bone, etc. Therefore, a better alternative is needed to solve these problems. In such a situation, hip replacement surgery proves to be a beneficial method, through which a new life is provided to the person by replacing the hip joint with a healthy joint.

Although this surgery can be considered suitable for adults of any age, it is mostly used on people between the ages of 60 and 80. This modern prosthesis is designed to last at least 15 years. Because of this, most people feel a reduction and improvement in hip pain while walking.

Types Of Hip Replacement

There are mainly 4 types of hip replacement surgery, which are as follows.

  • Partial Hip Replacement – Partial Hip Replacement refers to such a surgery, in which the bowls of the hip joint are removed and replaced with a new bowl. This surgery is mainly done when the hip is injured and the socket is not replaced.
  • Total Hip Replacement – The surgery in which the hip joints are replaced with prostheses is known as Total Hip Replacement. This surgery is mainly done in conditions the hip bone joint is either damaged or there is unbearable pain in it.
  • Unilateral Total Hip Replacement – The main objective of performing this surgery is to reduce hip pain and increase walking efficiency. When a person does not get relief by any other methods, then doctors recommend him to get a Unilateral Total Hip Replacement.
  • Revision Hip Replacement – Revision Hip implant refers to a surgery that is done to repair a worn-out hip. This surgery is also done to reduce the chances of other hip-related problems like infection of the hip, injury of the hip, etc.

When Is Hip Replacement Surgery Required?

This surgery is mainly required when the hip bone is damaged or destroyed and due to this, the person feels pain even when walking or sitting. Apart from this, hip replacement surgeries is also recommended for those people who suffer from the following problems…

  • Having Rheumatoid Arthritis If a person’s hip becomes inflamed, then hip replacement surgery is done to fix it. It is medically known as Rheumatoid arthritis, which initially occurs in a small part of the body, but with time, it spreads to other organs such as hands, feet, fingers, etc.
  • Traumatic Arthritis, this surgery is also done to treat a disease called traumatic arthritis. This disease mainly occurs due to injury and due to this, the hip gets damaged.
  • Presence of Osteoarthritis, As explained above, some diseases of the hip occur with age. Osteoarthritis is also one such disease, which occurs only in middle-aged people. Its treatment is possible only through hip replacement.
  • Unbearable pain in the hip, when a person has unbearable pain in the hip and does not get relief in any other way, then in that case doctors recommend him to undergo hip surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of Hip Replacement Surgery?

It is a good thing that most people are getting this surgery and are filling their life with happiness. There are some main benefits of getting hip replacement surgery, which is as follows…

  • Does no pain in walking, Getting a hip replacement provides relief in the pain, which used to happen earlier while walking.
  • Reducing the risks of heart diseases, this surgery also reduces the chances of heart diseases. Therefore, by getting it done, the heart of the person also starts working in a better way.
  • Staying active for a long time, If a person gets the hip replacement done in time, then it makes him physically healthy. Another advantage of getting this surgery done is that through this the person can remain active for a long time.
  • Able to do normal activities, When the problem of the hip becomes severe enough that the person is not able to perform normal tasks like walking, sitting etc. In such a situation, hip replacement proves to be very beneficial for that person and because of this, he can do these tasks in better ways.
  • Improving the functionality of the hip bones, in hip replacement surgery the damaged hip bone is repaired, thus improving the functionality of the hip bones.

What Are The Things To Keep In Mind After Hip Replacement Surgery?

Possibly there may be some risks of this surgery, but if a person takes some precautions, they can reduce their chances. If a person has recently had hip replacement surgery, then he should take the following…

  • Walking on crutches, after a hip operation, a person should take full care of his health and he should use crutches while walking.
  • Taking medicine, since there may be some pain after this surgery, then to reduce it, the person should take pain-relieving medicine so that his pain can be cured.
  • Taking Physiotherapy, Doctors recommend a person to take physiotherapy after hip replacement. This therapy helps her to recover quickly.
  • Exercising, exercising after hip replacement can prove to be a beneficial way for any person. Through exercise, the muscles of the person are strengthened and along with it it also increases the immunity.
  • Getting regular checkups, if a person has recently had a hip replacement, he should have his health checked regularly to confirm that he is completely healthy.

In today’s era, the problem of weak bones is spreading a lot. It is generally believed that this problem occurs only to those people who are older, but it is also being seen in the youth these days.

Hip bone problem is also such a bone problem, whose treatment is possible only through operation or surgery.

Although, hip replacement surgery can prove to be the best option in this situation, due to a lack of awareness among people, they are not able to take advantage of it in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people who have this surgery start walking on the same day or the next day. In addition, some people can do their normal work in the first 3-6 weeks after this surgery.

Hip replacement surgery is mainly needed by people who are suffering from problems like hip pain, difficulty in walking, difficulty in sleeping etc.

Yes, hip replacement is a major operation, because one of the most important parts of this body is done on the hip, on which our whole body rests.

It takes 1-2 hours to perform hip replacement surgery. After this people are discharged.

There are many things for people who have a hip replacement, which they cannot do. These include bending over, squatting, wearing socks includes bending the leg, etc.

People may feel pain after hip replacement surgery, which can last for 2-4 weeks. However, it can be reduced by taking painkillers.

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