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Dr Vaibhav Jain is best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Delhi and Noida, He has performed over 6200+ Orthopedic surgeries of different kinds.

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Specially in Hip and Knee Division


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15+ Years

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Dr Vaibhav Jain

Orthopedic Surgeon for Knee & Hip Surgery

Looking for the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Delhi and Noida? Dr Vaibhav Jain has performed over 6200+ surgeries of different kinds. Dr Vaibhav is proficient in treating all kinds of sports injuries in Delhi. Having 15+ years of experience treating thousands of patients with successful results in knee replacement surgery.

He specialised in Oxford partial knee replacement surgery and minimally invasive hip replacement surgery with bone conservation. He is worked as a clinical fellow, hip and knee division department of orthopaedics at, National University Hospital, Singapore. He is well trained in foot and ankle surgeries and worked as a fellow and specialist at NUH, Singapore.

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