What Causes Knee Pain In Cold Weather
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What causes knee pain, You can feel pain in any part of your body, but cold weather discomfort mainly occurs in the hips, knees and ankles. Cold Weather aggravates the problem of people suffering from knee pain.

During this season, the blood is not able to circulate well and the flow of blood to the next parts of the body becomes very less. This is the reason that even a small injury can cause sharp and prickling pain during the cold season.

Why Does Joint Pain Increase In Cold Weather?

During cold weather, the body wants to keep the blood near the heart warm and due to this, the circulation of blood in the giants gets reduced. Due to this, there is more pain and stiffness in the joints. People who have had orthopaedic injuries, fractures or sprains or whose bones have been joined in the winter are more prone to joint pain.

Due to cold, our blood circulation is not as good as in summer. Due to lack of proper blood circulation, there is no warmth in the body and stiffness comes between the bones this stiffness increases the pain of bones in cold weather. Apart from this, some research suggests that due to cold weather, our tendons, muscles and tissues are spread, due to which people often have knee pain or arthritis pain.

The twitching of nerves

Atmospheric pressure i.e. atmospheric pressure decreases in rain and cold weather. Due to this swelling starts increasing in the joints. These joints can be the ankle, knee, buttocks, spine, fingers or any part of the body. Sometimes this inflammation is internal. Swelling causes tension in the veins. They become fragile.

Tightening of joints

Things expand in heat and shrink in cold. If the lifestyle is sedentary then the effect of cold on the joints is more. Cells and muscles begin to shrink. Joints become hard. Their flexibility decreases.

Lack of oxygen

During cold weather, the blood vessels get constricted, due to which the blood flow is not able to flow normally. The supply of blood, water and oxygen to various parts of the body decreases. The reason for this is that there is haemoglobin in the blood, which carries oxygen from one place to another.

What Can You Do To Reduce Knee Pain In Cold Weather?

  • Do warm-up exercises
  • Dress in layers when running outside
  • Don’t stop running suddenly
  • Cool down properly
  • Stay indoors on very cold days
  • Prepare for cold working environments

Eat These Things To Get Relief From Joint Pain In Cold Weather

  • Include those things in the food, which keep the body warm and do not allow weight gain. Weight gain puts more pressure on the joints.
  • In spices, black pepper, turmeric, and lentil sugar keep the body warm. Eating one or two handfuls of dry fruits mixed with walnuts, pistachios, cashews, raisins, peanuts and almonds can also be beneficial.
  • Must eat seasonal fruits like mango, orange, tangerine and broccoli, green vegetables or greens like spinach, mustard or mustard greens. It can also provide relief for arthritis or joint pain.
  • Those suffering from joint pain should take vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin D in large quantities. Eating oranges, spinach, cabbage and tomatoes can also provide relief.
  • Eat jaggery every day. It can help to overcome the lack of blood in the body.
  • In addition to vitamins A and B, potassium, and magnesium are found in abundance in dates. Consuming it can also be beneficial.
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