Know About Common Orthopedic Problems

Know About Common Orthopaedics Problems
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Suffering from joint pain diagnose Common Orthopedic Problems We need to consult an orthopaedics doctor if we have diseases and symptoms affecting bones, muscles, nerves and joints. The orthopedist can diagnose the disease and suggest appropriate and necessary treatment. Most orthopedic surgeons treat all disorders, but some specialize in treating only certain conditions and stick to treating conditions that affect that part of the body, for example, knees and hips, feet, shoulders and elbows, hands, and spine.

Who Is Orthopedics?

It is a department that is available for the care and treatment of our musculoskeletal system. This system consists of the presence of some major parts of our body, such as muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons etc. For the treatment of any kind of problem-related to these, you can contact the orthopaedic surgeon or orthopedist. Orthopaedic-related problems can occur in any person of any age, whether it is a newborn or an elderly person.

Some problems are not very serious and can be cured with simple treatment. On the other hand, there are some situations in which medicines, physical therapy, injections or other measures do not prove to be beneficial and in the end, the doctor has to use surgery.

About Orthopedic Problems

There are many different ways a bone can fracture. A crack in the bone is called a fracture. The different types of fractures and broken bones are as follows:

The most common reason for replacing a knee joint is to ease the severe pain of arthritis. You may need it if you find it more difficult to perform these tasks in your daily life.
You cannot sleep through the night because of knee pain.
Your knee pain prevents you from doing everyday tasks.
Your knee pain has not gotten better with other treatments.
You need to understand what the surgery and recovery will be like.

What Are The Risks Of Partial Knee Replacement?

1. Knee Pain

This pain is considered to be a common pain in people of different age groups. Keeping the health of the knees in our body is very important. If there is any difficulty related to this then we may have to compromise our happy life. This is because our knees play an important role in walking, running, playing, etc.

Some of the causes of knee pain are as follows:

Arthritis, tendinitis, overweight, cartilage problems, knee injuries, infections, etc.

By the way, it is treated on many occasions by taking care of yourself. But sometimes the help of medicines, physical therapy and other methods have to be taken. In more severe cases, surgery becomes necessary.

2. Back Pain

This type of pain is also very common after knee pain. Many of us must have felt it on one or several occasions. There can be various reasons for this, such as:

Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Disc related problems, Muscle and ligament strain, Back injury, Sitting incorrectly, Sciatica, etc.

Due to back pain, we are not able to carry out the activities we do in routine properly. There are also some occasions when people have to postpone their work due to back pain. Most of the time, back pain gets cured through some measures. But if this problem is bothering you continuously and is not getting better even after a few days, then please do not delay in seeing the doctor. For better facilities contact the skilled doctor of Vaibhav Jain and teams.

3. Hip Pain

Now let’s talk about hip pain, you usually do not get to hear about it. But yes, this condition can take a frightening form and can badly affect the life of a person. There are many causes of hip pain. For example: Fractures, bursitis, tendinitis, muscle and tendon strain, cancer, osteonecrosis, etc.

If a person falls on the hip with a strong impact and feels severe pain in the hip, it is better to contact the doctor soon. Apart from this, if you are suddenly losing weight, there is a problem in walking or sitting, even then do not delay in showing.

4. Fracture

Fracture is a simple problem in which a bone breaks or cracks in it. In this condition also there is severe pain. There are also many types of fractures and some of the reasons for this are as follows:

Due to a fall, injury, being hit by an object on the body, or due to osteoporosis.

In most cases, the bone is treated with a bandage or plaster. But when the bone is badly broken, then in such cases the help of surgery has to be taken. Mainly used in bone fracture repair, in which the bone is held in place with the help of pins, rods, screws, and plates.

5. Elbow Pain

This type of pain usually arises when there is a problem with soft tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Tennis Elbow is a problem associated with elbow pain, which occurs with players, plumbers, painters, cooks, butchers, etc. Or it can also be understood that those people whose wrists and arms do some work again and again.

Some other elbow pain causes are as follows: Broken Arm, Arthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Golfer’s Elbow, Stretch, Dislocated Elbow etc.

6. Shoulder Pain

Through the shoulder, we are able to do different types of activities. Shoulder pain is also an unpleasant condition. There are many reasons behind this type of pain, such as: Bursitis, Arthritis in the shoulder joint, Shoulder dislocated, Shoulder fracture, Frozen shoulder, Tendon related problems, etc.

7. Ligament-related problems

Ligaments are tissues that help connect bone to other bone. They support our joints and are extremely strong. But yes, there are some occasions where they get stretched or broken. One such problem is known as ACL Injury. ACL is one of the four most important ligaments present in our knee. Sometimes it gets damaged and when it breaks completely, surgery is also required. This type of injury is especially seen in sports-related persons.

In addition to the knees, ligament-related problems can also occur in the ankles, wrists, thumbs, neck, and back.

8. Tendon problems

Tendons are tissue-like ligaments, but their function is to connect muscles to bones. Anyone can get a tendon-related injury, but people who do the same activity over and over again in their daily routine are at a higher risk.

Here we will talk about tendonitis. This condition occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed. Due to this, the person starts feeling pain. Usually, this problem occurs in the basic part of the knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, and thumb.

9. Foot Pain

Many people are troubled by pain in the foot and sometimes this pain increases so much that it becomes necessary to seek the help of a doctor for its treatment. There are many causes of leg pain, which include spinal stenosis, sciatica, pulled muscles, arthritis, muscle cramps, tendinitis, fractures, etc.

If you are also troubled by foot pain which is not getting cured by home remedies and is continuously bothering you, then please Book an appointment today and see our orthopaedic doctors.

10. Pain in hand and wrist

There are many reasons for pain in our hands and wrists. These include fractures, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. Sometimes this kind of problem can be serious where the patient benefits only through proper treatment. If lifestyle modifications, exercise, therapy, or medications do not help, surgery may be used.

11. Orthopedic-related problems in children

The problem related to orthopaedics is not limited to adults only, it can happen to young children as well. Yes, Pediatric Orthopedics is the department that investigates and treats musculoskeletal problems found in children. The doctors associated with this department can understand orthopaedic-related problems in children better than other doctors and provide proper treatment.

If your child also has any problem related to the concerned department, then visit our well-known and experienced Pediatric Orthopedic doctor today and make your child’s health better.

12. Neck Pain

This is also a common type of pain experienced by many people. Usually, its effect is seen when sitting incorrectly. In some cases, this pain can be severe. One of the main reasons for this is considered to be osteoarthritis. It usually gets better on its own or with rest. But if this problem is increasing day by day, then please do not delay and get proper treatment done.

13. Sciatica

Sciatica is also a common, but serious problem associated with orthopaedics. It is a pain that arises due to injury or irritation in the sciatic nerve. The sciatic vein is the largest, strongest and thickest vein in our body. This type of pain starts from the lower back and goes to both feet. If a person has sciatica, they may have pain anywhere along the path of the sciatic nerve.

This pain can be mild to severe. Although it happens in one’s leg, yes its effect can be seen in both feet. There are many causes of sciatica and the pain can be different for every person. There are many options available for the treatment of sciatica which you can get from our doctors.

14. Osteoporosis

This is a bone-related problem in which the bone starts becoming weak and fragile. The chances of getting a fracture in this situation are high. This disease progresses without any symptoms and does not feel any kind of pain until the person’s bone is fractured. The risk of getting it increases with age. In addition, it has been found that women are more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. It is not possible to cure it completely by medical science.

But yes, there are some measures with the help of which it can be recognized and prevented. If you want to avoid this disease, then definitely consume a calcium-rich diet. Apart from this, vitamin D and some exercise can also help. Contact our dr vaibhav jain to know more about Osteoporosis treatment and other things.

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